Zone 5estival 2019 Dates - When?

Zone5estival is a residential festival taking place annually where previous and current architecture graduates and many other interested people come together over the course of a beautiful summer weekend.

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Zone 5estival 2019

  • Craswall United Kingdom (map)

Responsible Hedonism

Creating, Making, Building, Exploration


Zone5estival is a residential weekend consisting of music, dancing, creating, making, building, exploration, responsible hedonism and architecture in rural Herefordshire

Zone5estival will be an opportunity for participants to take control of the programme themselves. 

The directors will develop outline briefs for further development, along the theme of writing Building Regulations with GenerationY activities/principles/ideas/thoughts.

Activities will involve workshops, discussions, creating and making.

There is no obligation to stick to the agenda.


Location: Craswall, Herefordshire. Note that this is a very rural location with limited phone signal, non-existent internet, and the nearest supermarket is over 20km away. The digital thirst of the zone becomes Lo-Fi

Transport: Parking is available on site for those with private vehicles, those who travel via train can go to either Hereford or Abergavenny stations. We will endeavour to then organise lifts arrange for a group transport

Dates: 7/8/9 June 2019. Arrive Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday – take Friday off work to travel!

You should bring:

Camping & sleeping kit

Any materials or tools you would like to use – some will be available

Food and drink – we expect everyone to help with cooking for each other, and are also hoping to ask participants for a contribution

Any necessary digital materials pre-downloaded


Make your (In)Voluntary donation at the link HERE . This donation will include all food and drink for the weekend and access to all activities for the weekend.

Please Note: Zone5estival is entirely not for profit and all funds are used to put the festival on