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This is a Zone 5 Blog. This blog is about Architecture. Architecture is about a series of ideas built from conversations. Conversations create civilised societies. Societies are the medium amongst those who seek architectural truth.

The Dawn of the Digital Nomad.

I unearthed all my belongings and I threw away/recycled/sold/gave to charity 80% of them. and you know, The question I get asked the most, is do I regret getting rid of anything? The answer is NO. Could we all change our attitude to stuff? Are we all willing to own as little as possible? Instead of owning objects could we access them from the shared economy? Are we willing to exchange ownership for access permanently?

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The Nihilists’ Pilgrimage

There is something symbolic in the act of packing up and leaving to party on an island somewhere every year. The location becomes an important point of reference and evokes the spirit of a pilgrimage to some sacred spot. But the nature of these trips in itself seems to be debaucherous. There is another time in history when there was a proliferation of alcohol, drugs, and sex, and this was in the counterculture movement of the 1960s. One aspect of the 1960s movement was that there was an attempt to expand consciousness and thinking, anti-war sentiment, cultural exchange, and a feeling of universal love underlying the use of these means.

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Communidad Nirvana: The pursuit of Hippiness

The design is a modular live work cell system that houses various workshops and markets for hippies to produce hand crafted materials. This modular system raps around an airship terminal which is a literal translation of the slow, laidback and casual approach to life, which one could say is one of the mantras of the hippie culture. The scheme is designed to maintain a balance between the preservation of the hippie culture and the commercialisation of the products that are made by the hippies. Careful consideration was made in the choice of materials used to cater to the type of community the scheme is designed for as well as for imparting a sense of temporality and transparency in the design. The end result is to envision an organic development that happens on site but doesn’t limit it to the site itself. Further this methodology can be adopted by any other groups worldwide.

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Siddhartha Thomas
Crystallised, Clarity on the Ecology of Ibiza

This project is a mixed-use, public utility project; a natural desalination plant combined with a nightclub event space. In response to Ibiza’s growing water crisis the project aims to purify the island’s damaged ecology, providing fresh water that’s procurement is exhibited as spectacle for the night clubgoer. By combining a sustainable public utility infrastructure with leisure, you transform people’s perceptions of what a public utility should be. These combinations are very powerful, as you are taking a necessity and giving it poetry and possibility.

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Blurred Realities: Immersive Escapes

This project brings together the ideas of on-demand media,instant gratification, virtual escapism and this self referential notion of revealing the ‘true self’. The proposal consists of two parts: The first is an online, on-demand service in which people can order a virtual experience, an escape from reality. This experience uses their personal internet data in order to understand their desires, and fears. The second is the headquarters, the factory in which these experiences are created. Located in Ibiza, the factory acts like a production studio crossed with a delivery plant, in which the virtual experiences can be flown out around the world. Within the headquarters also lies a deeper, darker element; the element of mass control. Embedded within each experience are subliminal messages from paying advertisers, giving them the power to creep into a persons subconscious and plant themselves there, a form of advertising inception. The two together form a system of collective consciousness; the individual sees what they believe to be an expression of their true self, interlaced with a consumerist agenda.

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Fluidly Petrified

Fluidly petrified proposes a museum hotel that provides a space for conversation and relaxation in the lively island of Ibiza, Spain. This diverse space aims to provide empowerment and free expression in a manner to challenge the status quo that gender has in our society. The location of the site tries to examine the relations between soft and hard architecture and the way these terms correlate with gender.

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A Pause in Time

The impact of mental illness has been on the rise the past 80 years. It has seeped into minds slowly and growing into weeds we can’t seem to get rid of. Discussions have taken place shedding light on the issue, with frequent news headlines covering stories and how it has grown to impact productivity in workplaces, but ultimately, is it enough to just talk about it?

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Jing Zhi Tan
Ephemeral Realities

This project aims to create a transient, experiential architecture that allows people to temporarily transition out of their everyday environment and into a digital environment that plays within different levels of reality, liminality and transcendence. The work is inspired by dance and its temporal, transcendental nature that constantly regenerates, moves through and feels space. It, therefore, considers the concept of space in terms of the body, movement and experience. The project is a deployable augmented reality nightclub that uses wearables both as a social leveller and a medium through which the digital environment connect to the experiencing user. As the augmentations map onto the users, whose movements vary, whose fashion wearable could vary, or whose augmentations filter vary - the space created will always be different and ephemeral. The preparation of both the users and the physical architecture itself become important rituals through which my architecture can be created.

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Towards Singularity

As a response to the growing intimacy with technology devices, which is imagined to evolve to become a human body part, this project explores what could possibly be the next generation of a device store. Located in Ibiza, people who went through the robotics augmentation surgery to enhance one body could use the landscape as a testing ground to test their new body. This institute of augmentation surgery, will extend through the island by a railway that transports the patient to their desired location for recovery and testing, which is a response to current clinical ward environment that is too blend and sterile.

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E-Topia Bio-logic-fiction

E-topia starts with the belief that our generation’s challenge is to make nature, technology and architecture indistinguishable from one another. It intends to open up a conversation about human adaptation by imagining a symbiotic alternative to current building standards and enabling technology to tap into nature’s information and resource systems in a slow, mindful and collaborative manner. At the base of the project stands the intention of marrying two opposing concepts of dynamic architecture. On the one hand, the project is based on Surrealist and Dadaist protocell architectural principles, which stand against biological formalism yet embodies the ideas of emergence, bottom-up construction and self- assembly. On the other, the project draws inspiration from biophilic as well as biomimetic design to respond to the site’s natural surroundings and to create the premises for a successful symbiotic integration.

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Alexandra Lacatusu
Wasted: Searching for Clubland Ecology

On a small island which experiences huge influxes of tourists every year, some 15 times that of its residents, the accumulation and management of waste has become a critical bi-product of the tourism activities on the island. However, the waste management systems remain immensely wasteful compared to that of mainland Spain and the UK. Huge landfill sites are taking over the quarries of Ibiza, perched upon the highest hilltops, these beacons signify a catalyst for change on the island.

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Matthew Cook
Automata Symphony

Forms of production and consumption constantly and intimately influences each other. This relationship is at its most obvious in live performances, where audience responses affect the playing, and vice versa. The growth of new music technologies related to the club dance scene seems to have extended this intimacy into the production of recorded music. Spatial proximity is a prerequisite for all sorts of creative musical activity. And it often seems to be a motor of inventiveness. It is a joyous fact of musical life that different social groups in different location tend to be associated with different mixes of music, despite the ubiquitous presence of world artists.

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MK2Ayub Abd Hadimusic
The Shadow of Sophia

Amongst the lively and the ecstatic of the 21st century lies a strong and disruptive feeling that carries such strength it leaves in tumults of bittersweet and confusion. It is a gap and a longing a memory and an elation. It is Nostalgia. Nostalgia is a journey, and I suppose this particular exploration has become a journey in itself, through exploring and developing I have discovered a project that reflects on Nostalgia in a purely spatial form.

The word has become particularly familiar amongst the generation ‘y’ers’, the fast pace of
life and constant need for consumption has left little time for establishment and acceptance.
This generation longs to reflect and it is aided by social media. The projection of social media as a tool ¬to inject nostalgia however, makes the very act of ‘social media nostalgia’ disingenuous. It is driven and gifted to you via a posed photograph of carefully directed film. It is not a beautifully crafted story that is punctured with imperfections and heightened by the power of the mind to change and manipulate feeling. The new nostalgia does not carry the organic form of the forgotten memory.

Here is where my project begins. In remembrance.

The Shadow of Sophia is a representation of space through the subject of Nostalgia. The sheer explanation is found in her temporal nature. Sophia’s islands situate themselves on the South West coast of Eivissa overlooking the isles of Es Vedra. In this awe inspiring environment the materiality of the spaces change, reflect and develop. The technology of materiality and movement is defined as the islands open up to the forces of nature. The kinetics of nature drag and drift each platform that in turn glisten and mirror their environment. A constant new image generated through the temporal state of the environment.

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Emily Moult
Ep I-log (ue)

Ep i‐log (ue):

I think about our time together in the Zone – the studio, the villa, the AA, the park, wherever it happened and I see your crazy speculations, I hear your ruminations. I didn’t realise that architectural behavior could be so entertaining, its product so thrilling. Really it had little to do with the documents; these were just an instruction to be free.

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Toby Shew
Indulgent Landscape

Indulgent landscape explores the practice of sun worship via solar desalination, using one of Ibiza’s most plentiful resources to produce what the island desperately needs, through alchemical ceremony.

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Emma Charlotte Day
The Cartography of Self

The Cartography of ‘Self ’ is an observation of the ambiguous underlying mechanisms and surface features of three expressions of madness; delusion, dissociation and hallucination, in an attempt to construct a landscape for the less rational self. It is not suppressed but celebrated - after all, we live in a mad world and there is method in the madness.

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