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This is a Zone 5 Blog. This blog is about Architecture. Architecture is about a series of ideas built from conversations. Conversations create civilised societies. Societies are the medium amongst those who seek architectural truth.

Automata Symphony

Ayub Abd Hadi

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Music is a collective human activity

Forms of production and consumption constantly and intimately influences each other. This relationship is at its most obvious in live performances, where audience responses affect the playing, and vice versa. The growth of new music technologies related to the club dance scene seems to have extended this intimacy into the production of recorded music. Spatial proximity is a prerequisite for all sorts of creative musical activity. And it often seems to be a motor of inventiveness. It is a joyous fact of musical life that different social groups in different location tend to be associated with different mixes of music, despite the ubiquitous presence of world artists.

The electronic media establish a space between the origin of a sound and its listener. That space is not linear, as the crow flies; the new space/ relationship is not a unified or simple one. The electronic media, designed to conquer space, transform its very nature. Their accelerating conquest of space is inseparable from the increasing complexity of our place in it, our relationship to place itself. One result of this new reality is that music, indeed any mode of address in sound, seems to articulate time, which we then notice all the more, but not physical space, which nonetheless shapes both the music and its meaning in our lives.

Composers have used physical space or landscape within their methodology as inspiration. Inside the mind of the composer at various stages of the creative process. The growth of musical ideas have taken root. It is observe how some of these ideas are rejected due to their seemingly stubborn refusal to develop into a satisfying and potent form. Other ideas remain and slowly move towards a clear point of identity. Isolated possibilities establish themselves within a collective interplay of thoughts and processes, and slowly, as the mists of confusion lift and the possibility of choices become increasingly limited, a clearly defined context is revealed and a structuralisation of ideas begins to emerge. This is considered a generalised account of a complex process, which, for each composer, will be a highly personal and individual experience.

Quartet or quartette refers to an ensemble of four singers, instrumental performers; or a musical composition for four voices or instruments. In a landscape, sounds of nature creates the intangible environment that specific place. A musician playing an instrument in place becomes a part of the ensemble voices of nature.

The intention to create an integrated landscape with the flexibility to changes as to oppose the conventional architectural approach to current concert halls or spaces where musical composition is repeatedly performed or composed. The automated environment does not compose the music but instead becomes the interchangeable setup for musicians and composers. Recollection and projection of composed music & scenes within the landscape at a specific moment will creates a progressive timeline and inspiration for new artists.

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