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Balearic Shore-scapes

George Jamieson

The Balearic water shortage crisis provides impetus for an architectural investigation into how a contemporary re-evaluation of a culture of environmental exploitation can reconfigure settlement evolution.

The proposal explores a new method of transient shoreline inhabitation tailored towards an ephemeral lifestyle. This forms as part of a shared movement towards attuning with a revaluing of water as out most precious commodity. Both a speculative exploration of natural landscape and an injection of technological infrastructures creates a dynamic hydrological landscape.

Moments within this network include: Rooftop water gardens, Deployable shoreline villas, freshwater fountains and an agricultural infrastructure derived from the Paella.

The Balearic Shorescape proposal aspires to an alternative future for settlement evolution on the Balearic Islands, reintroducing water through the scheme, allowing it to shape and inform the architectural proposal. Running from North to South, the vertical site of the peninsular is infiltrated by a proposed aqueduct, bringing naturally desalinated water from the salt-water gardens on the fringes of the salterns into the heart of a new Balearic community.

Agriculture is to be reintroduced to the peninsular, with crops and practices informed by the needs
of the Paella dish, allegorical of the site and
its inhabitants. The community, rather than having a church or civic building at its core, has hydrological infrastructure tying every aspect together. Deployable villas snake across the landscape in the summer season, whilst retreating to the community in the winter to hunker down and leave only the faintest traces of themselves behind.

The settlement proper plays upon the traditional Spanish vernacular of roofscape design and garden designs with water informing every aspect of life, leisure and community.

George Jamieson