Idea Zone

Communidad Nirvana: The pursuit of Hippiness

Siddhartha Thomas

The design is a modular live work cell system that houses various workshops and markets for hippies to produce hand crafted materials. This modular system raps around an airship terminal which is a literal translation of the slow, laidback and casual approach to life, which one could say is one of the mantras of the hippie culture. The scheme is designed to maintain a balance between the preservation of the hippie culture and the commercialisation of the products that are made by the hippies. Careful consideration was made in the choice of materials used to cater to the type of community the scheme is designed for as well as for imparting a sense of temporality and transparency in the design. The end result is to envision an organic development that happens on site but doesn’t limit it to the site itself. Further this methodology can be adopted by any other groups worldwide.