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This is a Zone 5 Blog. This blog is about Architecture. Architecture is about a series of ideas built from conversations. Conversations create civilised societies. Societies are the medium amongst those who seek architectural truth.

E-Topia Bio-logic-fiction

Alex Lacatusu

E-topia starts with the belief that our generation’s challenge is to make nature, technology and architecture indistinguishable from one another. It intends to open up a conversation about human adaptation by imagining a symbiotic alternative to current building standards and enabling technology to tap into nature’s information and resource systems in a slow, mindful and collaborative manner. At the base of the project stands the intention of marrying two opposing concepts of dynamic architecture. On the one hand, the project is based on Surrealist and Dadaist protocell architectural principles, which stand against biological formalism yet embodies the ideas of emergence, bottom-up construction and self- assembly. On the other, the project draws inspiration from biophilic as well as biomimetic design to respond to the site’s natural surroundings and to create the premises for a successful symbiotic integration.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 20.11.39.png
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Alexandra Lacatusu