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Indulgent Landscape

Emma Charlotte Day

Indulgent landscape explores the practice of sun worship via solar desalination, using one of Ibiza’s most plentiful resources to produce what the island desperately needs, through alchemical ceremony.

Ibiza entices over two million tourists annually into indulgent escapes and this figure is ever increasing. The rise in the transient occupier has lead to a decrease in rainwater harvesting and an increased reliance on the island’s crumbling piping system.

Natural aquifers lay beneath Ibiza and supply the only fresh water available on the island. In the past the seasonal usage has been topped-up by annual rainfall. But now increased demand and decreased rainfall has lead to the aquifers emptying at a rate of 2.1% yearly. On their current trajectory they will be empty in 11 years.

Whilst desalination plants offer tap water there is no substitute to the aquifers for agricultural irrigation. The dramatic drop in aquifer levels has all but destroyed farming in Ibiza. Farmers are unable to extract the amount of freshwater needed even after deepening their natural wells. Most of the tired aquifers are now contaminated with salt water, making them unusable. Even Ibiza’s iconic almond trees are at risk.

‘Indulgent Landscape’ proposes an ecologically and socially sustainable solution by mimicking
a naturally occurring mountain system; the evaporating and condensation of water from height and transportation down to a river outlet, In typical Ibiza fashion, with infrastructure integrated into a barren site in central San Antonio, the Indulgent Landscape opposes tradition. With careful balancing of
experience and functionality, the development simultaneously caters for both the industrial and hedonistic needs of the island. Reflecting the personality of the island’s temporary inhabitants, the proposals provide a solution to the water shortages, giving life in the most immediate sense, while establishing a new place of indulgence and worship of the sun for those searching for a fleeting, spiritual memory.

Saline Pools by Sunset.jpg
Emma Charlotte Day