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This is a Zone 5 Blog. This blog is about Architecture. Architecture is about a series of ideas built from conversations. Conversations create civilised societies. Societies are the medium amongst those who seek architectural truth.

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The Nihilists’ Pilgrimage

There is something symbolic in the act of packing up and leaving to party on an island somewhere every year. The location becomes an important point of reference and evokes the spirit of a pilgrimage to some sacred spot. But the nature of these trips in itself seems to be debaucherous. There is another time in history when there was a proliferation of alcohol, drugs, and sex, and this was in the counterculture movement of the 1960s. One aspect of the 1960s movement was that there was an attempt to expand consciousness and thinking, anti-war sentiment, cultural exchange, and a feeling of universal love underlying the use of these means.

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Crystallised, Clarity on the Ecology of Ibiza

This project is a mixed-use, public utility project; a natural desalination plant combined with a nightclub event space. In response to Ibiza’s growing water crisis the project aims to purify the island’s damaged ecology, providing fresh water that’s procurement is exhibited as spectacle for the night clubgoer. By combining a sustainable public utility infrastructure with leisure, you transform people’s perceptions of what a public utility should be. These combinations are very powerful, as you are taking a necessity and giving it poetry and possibility.

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Es Vedra Immersive Therapy

Modern technology are reaching into our dreams and change the way we are looking at things and perceiving reality. More and more it is drawing us from contemplating ourselves to contemplating its world. Soon VR would celebrate the marriage of physical aspects of ourselves to the imaginative technological aspects of our lifes. This project explores the boundaries of real and immaginative aspects of a future digital environment.

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The Goddess of Rainbow

The Goddess of Rainbow is Ibiza’s new symbolic tower/statue inspired by Ibiza's goddess of the Moon, Tanit, who gifts visitors with spiritual & rejuvenation powers. However, she is located in a hidden cave.... this made me re-imagine her under the open sky creating rainbow showers for the sake of people who need her help and for the sake of herself who wants to see the god of the Sun. 

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