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This is a Zone 5 Blog. This blog is about Architecture. Architecture is about a series of ideas built from conversations. Conversations create civilised societies. Societies are the medium amongst those who seek architectural truth.

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Design is a behaviour, not a body of knowledge.

Fortunately, McLuhan said that when a media is superseded it becomes junk and then becomes art – at present, The vinyl record is simultaneously available from a charity shop and Amazon Prime.

Machine learning will make architectural thought obsolete and then it will become art: within the lifetime of these students as machines become capable of irrational, creative and illogical thought.

The tutor is the first to walk the plank. Connections between theory, practice and (ir)rationality are the domain of the tutor – they are also the domain of the machine. The message will stay the same

Throughout – design is a behaviour, not a body of knowledge.

As the tutors are superseded, all that will remain are the students and the caretakers. Both work together to prove that architectural thought can flourish in ways considered too low-culture to be simulated, too irrational to be considered rational and, with an almost certain chance of failure.

A new landscape exists – the reality generated in a headset. We reject then re-instate the term “virtual” and take it’s meaning to be “almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition” (OED). This sounds more like the kind of reality we would like to inhabit.