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Wasted: Searching for Clubland Ecology

Matthew Cook

05_The Fermenter.jpg

On a small island which experiences huge influxes of tourists every year, some 15 times that of its residents, the accumulation and management of waste has become a critical bi-product of the tourism activities on the island. However, the waste management systems remain immensely wasteful compared to that of mainland Spain and the UK. Huge landfill sites are taking over the quarries of Ibiza, perched upon the highest hilltops, these beacons signify a catalyst for change on the island.


This project seeks to utilise clubbing - a subculture and activity that rarely takes into consideration its environmental impact – as a means of engagement to highlight and educate party-goers about the consequences of their hedonistic endeavours. However, the objective is not to condemn holidaymakers or make them feel guilty, but instead to celebrate waste and spark a dialogue, raising awareness amongst Clubbers of Generation Y about the importance and value of waste.

Waste Management

The second part of this project is to complement and support the nightclub provocation by providing a waste management plant which enables Ibiza to better cope with the strain caused by tourists through responsibly and sustainably managing the island’s waste.

The recycling facilities will occupy the same space as the nightclub, integrating it as part of the clubbing experience. The plant will be in full operation out of holiday season (November to April), recycling and reusing waste products in order to generate income for the enterprise. Works will cease during the holiday season (May to October), allowing the club night to take over use of the site.

Matthew Cook