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For The People of Tomorrow

So week 2, I come up with this idea of partying with nature in mind.

Created my client profile and further develop the concept of the “villa”.

Continued with “Villa with a purpose”. sksksksksss

Client : The People of Tomorrow (The Party People)

  • Believe in enjoying live to the fullest

  • without having to compromise everything

  • responsible for the generation tomorrow

  • respect mother nature

Bringing party & nature together —— COHABITATION

Client requires spaces for relaxing and resting as well as partying, at the same time providing some sort of a mechanism to take part in conserving and preserving Ibiza.


Client : The People of Tomorrow

Site : Cala Bassa Beach

An Out-of-Place floating structure that serve also as a beacon as well as functioning to conserve and preserve. VILLA WITH A PURPOSE

Over-development in Ibiza has really caused various environmental issues such as change of landscape to accommodate more tourist, deforestation, and lack of water supply.

The “villa” harvests water from rain and mists to ensure self-sustainability as well as taking part in solving local water supply issue.