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WEEK 3 : Houdini Exploration 2 + Touch Designer

Heya I’m back, here’s my second week bonding with Houdini. After the week 2 crit and the question “what is a wall?”, I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in my client (aka the audio visual artist) and basically try to generate interesting forms/shapes through plugging in audio to Houdini.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what i’ve learned over the many hours of frustration + slight success:

  • FIRST, there aren’t too many exciting tutorials on audio reactive shapes in Houdini (not on yotuube and vimeo and the first page of google anyway) - So after trying really hard to understand different tutorials of audio inputs in Houdini and non of the giving me the satisfaction I need in life, I decided to dig deeper. I was really sad to put pause on my Houdni bonding time but I found TOUCH DESIGNER. Thanks to Houdini, I was able to somewhat have a grasp on the program in about less than 12 hours (Also I guess credit goes to the abundance of touch designer tutorials about audio too)

  • Next, CHOPs. This node allows you to input audio

  • okay I kinda wrote down stuff so please refer to the image below (see, I really tried to brain all the nodes so that i could generate my own audio reactive particles in Houdini)


Did you understand them? The black’s just the main nodes. The blues are the nodes inside the chop network (it’s a whole world in there). The reds are extra explanations.

Now I’m going to add some pictures as examples.

Okay so the first page was on Houdini, dealing with audio reactive forms (tutorial: I followed it and I changed and deleted some parts of the VEX to get the cool wirefram and colourful stuff.

Second page, the middle red cubes are audio reactive cubes. On the top left, that was me trying to merge wave sounds (because the client lives by the beach, the waves is his inspiration and he wants to live in it and to be consumed by it)- anyway, the waves didnt really work, the lines generated just werent interesting enough. The top left were just spiderwebs in Houdini, I was trying to generate a form and the plug in audio from the CHOPS NETWORK but that didn’t exactly work. The bottom was also me trying to generate form/particles and then pluggin in audio. Again, I failed.

NEXT are some Touch Designer screenshots from particles reacting to one another with the wave sound input.

So those are just some screenshots of the interesting forms generated by the overlay of particles when they react to the music.

Architecturally, I’d use these generated iterations as interpretations of spaces or movement or as a form when piled together.

Experimental architecture yknow, anything is possible. what is a wall, right?

Okay that’s all for this week, thanks for tuning in- oh also, I have videos but i’ve yet to learn how to get videos up here so i’ll put em up when i figure out how to.